4 September 2021:  Quimbara Salsa Night

18.00 - 20.30: Bootcamp Kizomba beg/int by Glenn & Khristy (Dancamore)

20.45: Doors open for dancers

21.00 - 01.00 Dancing

22.00: Surprise performances

  • Pre-sale All-in Ticket: €27,50
  • Bootcamp Ticket €22,50
  • Dance only Ticket: €10,00

Free parkinglot
Free wardrobe
Catering/bites available!

Bootcamp participants will be able to buy a meal together with the ticket, mealoptions will be available when buying the ticket!

There will be a limited amount of people permitted, so book your ticket fast through Go-Tickets! Admittance & regulations will be according to the RIVM guidelines on September 4th.

Tickets will be available soon!


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Online dance classes

YES! Footwork classes with Francisco Vazquez!!! 

Every Thursday at 8.30 PM Amsterdam time (CET)

New series starting June 10!! 

4 classes of Musicaliy with attention to Fundamentals,  Styling & Moving your body on the music.

4 classes €25,00

  • After payment you will be added to our Whatsapp group and on the day of class you will receive the Zoomlink to access the class.
  • After class you will receive an instructional video that will allow you to practice at home.

Install Zoom to follow your classes! 

Click here to install Zoom!